Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

All students are expected to have read, understood and agreed to the terms and conditions below. The conditions below are the terms of contract between the student and LanguageUK.

1) Confirmation of Booking

Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of a completed enrolment form and are only guaranteed when payment has been cleared through our bank. Please note that courses and accommodation must be paid for in advance in order to confirm the booking. If payment is not received, courses and accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

2) Payment

  • a) All fees are payable in full four weeks before arrival.
  • b) If you are making a booking less than 4 week before the start of your course, you must pay in full when booking.
  • c) All courses of up to 12 weeks’ duration must be paid in full on enrolment.
  • d) All payments must be made in GBP sterling
  • e) If you are attending a course of 12 weeks or more we will accept instalments payable in advance. This will be agreed once enrolment has been confirmed.

Maximum number of payments per weeks booked:

1-11 weeks            Full payment at enrolment.

12-24 weeks         2 payments

25-41 weeks         3 payments

42 weeks               + 4 payments

If payments are not paid on the agreed date, then the entire outstanding amount must be paid immediately. If payment is not made, the course will be cancelled. If payments are late, LanguageUK may discontinue the instalment plan. It is the responsibility of the student to make payments into the agreed instalment payment plan. Instalment payments are only available to learners who complete the full course. All payments must be made in advance.

  • f) Registration fee: £65 per individual student or per family non-refundable. Students who have attended LanguageUK before are not charged the registration fee.
  • g) Documentation in Support of a UK Entry Visa application letter £60 non- refundable.
  • h) Any monies outstanding then we reserve the right to discontinue the student’s studies and charge interest over and above the current base rate as held by our bank.
  • i) The course fees do not include costs that are incurred on your behalf such as examination fees, personal medical insurance. Transport fares or the cost of any social activities. Course books are bought separately and any added supplements such as dietary and allergies requirements will be added to your invoice.
  • j) The minimum age for enrolment on to an adult course is 16 and for those students aged 16 and 17 we proceed on the basis that the parent, guardian of the student U18 is aware of the enrolment and is bound by the terms and conditions.

3) Confidentiality and data protection

The information stored by LanguageUK is in accordance with the data protection act and GDPR legislation. Information and may be shared with the British Home Office for visa purposes or accreditation bodies.

GDPR compliance: The aim of the GDPR is to protect all EU citizens from privacy and data breaches in an increasingly data-driven world, therefore LanguageUK has applied such a measure to meet new legislation.

GDPR right to access: We can ensure you that none of your personal details are shared with 3rd party companies and never will be.

GDPR right to be forgotten: Also known as Data Erasure is the right to be forgotten. If you wish to delete your details, please contact us and we will make sure your details will be deleted from our database.

4) Cancellation of a Course by LanguageUK

In the unlikely event that the number of students on a course or in a class, drops below the minimum number required to make a course viable, or if there are other events which are outside our reasonable control, LanguageUK reserves the right to cancel all or part of that course and/or activity programme. In most cases, students will be offered an alternative. If no alternative arrangements can be made, or if the alternative arrangement is unacceptable to the student, a full refund of fees will be made. Once a refund has been made, LanguageUK shall have no further liability.

5) Refunds

A refund will not be considered if:

  • a) If you are refused entry at ports or if you are asked to leave the UK.
  • b) If it is found that you have engaged in any fraudulent practice in order to obtain the necessary documentation from LanguageUK to apply for a visa. In such cases, LanguageUK will inform the appropriate authorities and you will be asked to leave the course.
  • c) If a visa is refused due to documentation being different to that approved by LanguageUK or documentation that is out of date or documentation is presented that fails to comply with visa requirements as stated at https://www.gov.uk/check-uk-visa.
  • d) Refund Request Process. If your visa application is not granted and you therefore wish to seek a refund then the notification of the refusal must be submitted to LanguageUK within 7 calendar days from the date of refusal notification, in order for the refund request to be processed.

Once a refund is approved, please note:

  • a) Refunds may take up to one (01) month from the date when the requisite paperwork is complete.
  • b) Registration fees are non- refundable and any third-party costs such as examination fees, accommodation booking fees and courier fees are not refundable.
  • c) If the student appeals against the decision to refuse to grant a visa, LanguageUk can put on hold the enrolment until a final decision on the immigration status has been reached.
  • e) We do not allow students to transfer their enrolment, credit notes or course fees to any third party.
  • f) If you have requested a refund and it is declined & you are not satisfied with our decision you can visit: www.englishuk.com/en/students/complaints.

Amount of time given before course percentage refund

  • g) Cancellation less than 30 days in advance 30% of the course fees
  • h) Cancellation less than 3 days in advance 75% of the course fees

i)Cancellation of a language course, accommodation or transportation less than 24 hours before arrival or after the course has started -100%

  • j) Please note Registration and visa letters are non-refundable
  • k) LanguageUK will deduct the cost of any bank transfer charges incurred in making a refund.
  • l) In the event that the student is dissatisfied with his/her course, LanguageUK will do their utmost to rectify the situation in favour of the student. If the student remains dissatisfied and has a valid reason to feel this way, then LanguageUK will refund the remaining fees to the student.

5) One to one tuition

Normal payment in advance and cancellation rules apply (see above). Tuition is subject to availability of teachers and classrooms. LanguageUK may change teachers depending on availability. Learners are required to give at least 24 hours’ notice before rescheduling a one to one lesson, otherwise the student will be charged for the cancelled class. For lessons on Mondays, the college must be informed of a cancellation by Friday afternoon. Late students are not compensated for lesson time they have missed.

6) Changes to course details and extensions

  • a) If students wish to change their start date they must inform LanguageUK of any required change at least 7 days in advance.
  • b) If you have to stop your course early, your tuition and materials fees are non-refundable under any circumstances
  • c) We are unable to offer credits to students who leave early.

7) Flexibility

We reserve the right to change teachers, times, dates and/or duration of lessons and location of courses and to combine classes if:

  • a) Numbers for any class are low, whatever the reason.
  • b) We have to attend to building or maintenance work. A teacher is sick.
  • c) The school is normally closed for two (02) weeks over Christmas.

8) Studies

Students are entitled to:

  • A) A placement test & needs analysis;
  • B) Periodic tutorials with the Director of Studies
  • C) The maximum class size of 10.
  • D) There may be occasions when classes temporarily exceed this number before students are re-allocated.
  • E) Please note that we enrol students every Monday so the composition of each class changes from week to week.
  • F) If you are studying on a part-time basis you will need to be aware that you may be joining an existing full-time course. Our courses are designed around continuous enrolment and cater for both full-time and part-time students.
  • G) Upon completion of their course the students will receive a certificate, showing their actual attendance rate and language level for that course.
  • H) We invite you to share any comments or feedback.
  • I) We will not review any feedback or response we receive after the class in question has been concluded or once you have left LanguageUK. You must raise any issues with us as and when they appear.

9) Attendance:

  • a) All students should attend all classes that they have enrolled for on their course. No refunds are given for classes that students are absent for, except under special circumstances.
  • If you know that you will be absent on a certain day, prior notice should be given to your class teacher (preferably two days’ notice);
  • If you are absent due to illness, you should telephone the school administrator as soon as possible, who will then notify your class teacher of your absence from that class;
  • If you are absent without prior notice, the school administrator will telephone you to enquire about your absence;
  • Class teachers will keep a record of the attendance of their students and will then pass the attendance rate of each student to the school administrator at the end of the course.
  • b) LanguageUK reserves the right to refuse admission to any student or to dismiss any student without refund of tuition fees in the event of misconduct or unsatisfactory attendance or work. The school expects students to attend all classes during their stay. If your attendance falls below 80%, you may be withdrawn from the course and no refund will be given. Students will only receive a leaving certificate if their attendance has been 80% or more.
  • c) You should be aware that information about your application, enrolment, attendance and progress at the school may be passed to the Immigration and Nationality Directorate of the Home Office for purposes connected with immigration. Your agent/parents will also be informed of any issues by LanguageUK.
  • e) Records are kept of non-arrivals, non-attendance and attendance for all students on student visas. Students in breach of their entry clearance conditions will have action taken against them, including notification to the Home Office. If students terminate their course early, the Home Office will be notified of their withdrawal from their course at LanguageUK.

10) Rules

  • A) Day One of any course or any start date will be given over to induction for all new students. Students who do not complete the placement test prior to the Friday before their chosen start date will not, be permitted to enter class on day one until done. Note – we operate a programme of continuous enrolment and new students may join the class on any Monday.
  • B) We reserve the right to terminate your enrolment in the event of conduct or behaviour which in our opinion diminishes (or may diminish) the reputation of LanguageUK, even if such conduct is not in breach of these terms and conditions. LanguageUK decision is final.
  • C) If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for a class, then your teacher will deal with you. Between 15 to 45 minutes the DOS will speak with you and it will be at their discretion if you are allowed in class before the break.
  • D) The intellectual property pertaining to our course hand outs and other teaching materials is owned by us and you cannot copy or reproduce the materials for commercial benefit. You also are no allowed to access illegally copied and stored versions of any published material and to do so may put in jeopardy your place on the course.

You must:

Only speak English in class and in the school.

11) 16-17-year olds

  • A) Students of this age must be aware that they will be placed in a class with adults and treated as adults. However, their teacher will have passed police checks to ensure there is no reason why they cannot teach this age group. In the event of this teacher being ill then and the school not being able to provide a cover teacher who has also undergone the check, the student will be moved to a different class with a teacher who has the necessary clearance.
  • B) Students aged 16 and 17 without a guardian in the UK must stay with a homestay.
  • C) A parental consent form must be signed and returned to us before 16 and 17-year olds can join a course.

12) Accommodation

Accommodation will be confirmed when full payment is made. LanguageUK reserves the right to change the type of accommodation if we cannot provide what has been requested when the payment is received.

  • a) If host family accommodation has been booked, LanguageUK will provide the student with a profile of the family. In the case of very late bookings made less than 10 days before the course starts, details of the homestay might be advised on arrival.
  • b) Students must indicate at the time of booking any special requests, dietary needs or allergies. Please note supplementary charges £25 are required for Celiac, gluten free, lactose intolerant, halal and vegan.
  • c) Host families cannot accept students between 23:00 and 07:00. If you have a late flight you will need to book a hotel for your first night. Or pay a supplementary cost of £25.
  • d) If your homestay accommodation involves extra days, you will be charged a daily rate £30.
  • e) If you take any holiday during your stay and you are away from your homestay, you will be charged half of the weekly rate for accommodation for each calendar week of absence. This includes holiday taken over the Christmas period when the school is closed. Please give 2 weeks’ notice in writing to LanguageUK if you wish to take holiday from your homestay.
  • f) All accommodation payments must be made to the school. You should send the money to us at least 10 days before you arrive.
  • g) Families are responsible for their own children whilst staying in homestay accommodation. Do not expect homestay hosts to look after your children if you want to go out. LanguageUK can provide a babysitter for a fee of £7 per hour.
  • h) If you are not happy with your homestay accommodation, the school will relocate you to a new family as soon as possible. This will only occur if the reason for moving is a genuine reason. Students who request a host family change for no valid reason (such as, religion, sex, sexuality or disability) will be subject to a £100
  • i) Any complaint regarding a family must be made immediately and a complaint form completed. Complaints will be thoroughly investigated, and any necessary action will be taken. Homestay hosts will also be required to fill in their own complaints form.
  • j) LanguageUK reserves the right to cancel accommodation booked if there are serious concerns about the guest’s behaviour. No refunds are made in these circumstances.
  • k) Students leaving accommodation for weekend breaks etc will not be given discounts/refunds.
  • l) LanguageUK is not responsible for any damage or loss of property whilst in accommodation arranged. Students are also advised that they should take out personal/travel insurance to cover their belongings against theft, loss or damage.
  • m) There will be no refunds for students leaving pre-booked accommodation early (discretionary refunds may apply under special circumstances).
  • n) The school can only book homestay accommodation for students studying here. If you wish to have a friend to stay with you for a few days, you must arrange this with your host yourself. The cost for a friend to stay is £30 per night to be paid to the host.
  • o) Students must always ask permission before using the host’s appliances (washing machines, hairdryers etc.)
  • p) Students must take great care not to lose or misuse the key(s) to the home. Please pay attention to the instructions that the host family will give you concerning the security to the house (locks, alarms etc). If you lose the keys to the house, you must be prepared to pay for the replacement cost £10.
  • q) Please note: because of death, illness or other unexpected situations it may be necessary to change your accommodation at very short notice before you arrive or once you are here and the school reserves the right to do this. We guarantee to provide accommodation for the period you have booked but not necessarily with the same family or in the same category of family for the whole period.

13) Liability

  • A) LanguageUK, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, homestay hosts and sub-contractors will not be liable for any sickness, injury or death of a student, any damage caused to a third party by a student or repatriation costs. LanguageUK strongly recommends that students take out adequate insurance.
  • B) LanguageUK will not be liable for delays or cancellation of transportation arrangements, including airport transfers and missed flight departures, caused by bad weather, traffic congestion, road closures, official safety or security advisories, sickness or incapacity of drivers or vehicle breakdown. LanguageUK strongly recommends that students take out adequate insurance.

14) Loss or Damage to Personal Property

  • A) Students are responsible for their own money and personal possessions at all times.
  • B) LanguageUK, its directors, employees, representatives, agents, homestay hosts and sub-contractors will not be liable for any loss of money or loss of or damage to any personal possessions. LanguageUK recommends that students take out adequate insurance.


  • A) No variation to these terms will be binding unless the variation is recorded in writing and signed by us and the student.
  • B) Photography – Sometimes the College or our representatives take photographs and videos during our courses which may be used for promotional purposes. Please advise us at the time of booking if you do not wish to appear in any promotional material.
  • C) All students should travel with adequate cover of insurance.

Reviewed November 2018

Next review November 2019

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