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New for 2018- University Application Consultant

From January 2018 LanguageUK will be working with Dr Elizabeth Adey at University Direct.

Choosing the right course for you:
With over 50,000 courses in the UK we help you navigate these options, ensuring you choosing the right subject that will both challenge you and provide that important first step to a rewarding career.


Selecting the best university to fulfil your potential:
UK universities have a world class reputation and some of the top rankings globally. We help you to make your university choices that will both challenge you, as well as provide an environment for you to flourish.


Submitting a winning application:
We support you through each step of the application process, working with you to understand your strengths, and increasing your confidence to ensure you submit a winning application.


Excelling in your studies:
Securing your place is just the start. Once you start your course we can continue to support you throughout your studies through our individually tailored mentoring programme.



How do I start my university journey and where will it take me?
Starting to think about your career when you are at school is both an exciting prospect and a daunting one. How do you decide what you want to do and where you want to study? Are there options out there that you haven’t considered? How do you find them?

We work with students from many different countries helping them start their journey to study at university in the UK or on an English speaking course elsewhere in Europe or in the US. Below we have shared the experiences of some of our students.


Course selection and specialist degree services
If you can’t decide what course to study you are not alone. We work with some students who have very clear ideas on what they want to apply for at university. Some come to us having known they want to study a course like medicine for years. Others have no idea. We will work with you to find out what your skills are and where these fit best with what you want to do longer-term for a career. There are so many degrees out there that have high employment rates that you may not have considered. We will help you review different graduate pathways that match with your interests, skills and what you want in life.

We can support you by providing specialist advice delivered by professionals who will help you achieve your goal. A recent student had applied to do medicine but beforehand wasn’t aware of the expected level and types of work experience she should have done before her application. This student went away feeling much more confident that they can start building on their work experience in a more focused manner, helping make their application for the following year successful. She had a call with one of our qualified doctors who told her what to expect at university and longer term during her training. Gaining an understanding like this of what a profession entails is invaluable when you are deciding what course to study.

Similarly, many of our students are seeking to study art and design at university. Students who want to pursue a degree in art or a course like graphic design, will normally have studied the art and design diploma, a one year course to prepare students for their degree. To gain entry to the best courses is a competitive process. We work with students to help them select the right courses and prepare their art portfolio to meet entry requirements at the university they want to study at.

We can help you decide if you want to apply for a course with a year in industry or a year abroad. There are many benefits to gaining professional experience during your degree. You may be passionate about continuing to learn different languages and want to integrate this in your studies. There are so many options out there that we can advise on.

Submitting successful applications for postgraduate courses at a top university is complex. Sometimes a student’s qualifications don’t meet the university entry criteria. We can help you
navigate this and liaise on your behalf with course directors to understand if a university will consider your application. Applying for PhD’s and understanding the entry routes there is similarly challenging. Getting a professional perspective from a consultant who has a PhD and understands the process will help you understand who to contact, how to structure your proposal, and how to submit an excellent personal statement and CV to accompany your applications.

University choice
Studying in London in is always a top choice with our students. London has so many universities with every degree course imaginable. We help students who are looking for courses with different criteria, such as start dates in January or April or foundation courses to help them improve their English or to gain access to higher level universities.

Scotland has amazing scenery and culture and living in Edinburgh is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities in the UK. For EU students, the tuition fees in Scotland are lower at present.

Understanding the needs of our students is so important to helping them with their choice of university. Ensuing you are happy where you study is our goal. Different types of universities will suit different personalities. Some students like the safety and comforts of a campus based university, where they are more familiar and at ease in a smaller setting with friendly faces. Others want to city life of London and to be immersed in cosmopolitan city life. We can help you get it right.

Application support
Understanding application requirements is often complicated enough, let alone when you are trying to apply to study abroad. We can make it straightforward for you. We understand what universities are looking for and help students through all aspects the application process. We pride ourselves with responding quickly to meet our student’s needs. We go that extra mile to answer your queries as rapidly as possible and to put you at ease through your application process. We want you to succeed and get the best offers of universities that are right for you.

Transferring degree courses or universities
Getting the right advice about what and where to study is essential before you apply to university. Unfortunately, some students come to us when they haven’t had the right level of support and have ended up on the wrong course or at a university that isn’t right for them. If this happens to you, we can help you look at options to change courses and universities and transfer your credits from where you have been studying. This will help use the credits you have gained so far and reduce costs in gaining a degree.

Work experience, internships and voluntary placements
Gaining work experience, internships and voluntary placements will help you gain valuable skills and provide experiences you can talk about in your personal statement, on your CV and in an interview. Students who can talk about their experiences and what they learnt from placements look credible. For many courses, you need evidence of work experience and voluntary placements to be accepted on a course. Take medicine for example. You are applying to study for a degree on a highly competitive course against many other ‘straight A’ students. You need to make sure your application stands out. Get some practical experience and work in a care home perhaps. Show that you are good at working in teams and can adapt well to different working environments and in taking on positions of responsibility.

English Language requirements for degree courses in the UK
Working with LanguageUK, we understand how important it is for students to meet the English language entry requirements. For most undergraduate degrees, you need an overall score of 6.0. Foundation degrees usually require a minimum entry score of 5.0 overall although some access courses and pre-sessional English language courses have lower requirements.

Academic mentoring –
Some of our students need additional support during either before or during their studies at university. We work with students to help them develop their study skills and resolve any specific issues and challenges they have at university. We can help you improve their grades and succeed in your studies. A recent student wanted support developing their dissertation, including planning how to structure things better. By spending a small amount of time working with this student, we improved their writing skills and helped them pass their dissertation and course.

Academic mentoring – support for prospective medical students

We work with students who want to apply for medicine, helping them understand what is involved in the application process and improve their chances of getting an offer. Many students don’t realise the breadth of work experience and voluntary placements they require to help increase their chances of getting an offer on a course.

For further advice and support on how to apply to study in the UK or elsewhere on English speaking courses in Europe, contact

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