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 Our New Home

At the beginning of September weupped sticks’from Queens Road to the fabulous East Kent College. Still in  central Broadstairs, we are enjoying being part of a busy college campus. And we’re sure you will too!  

Our New Home

Our building is attached to the Yarrow Hotel, which has a lovely bar and restaurant where you can have a break-time coffee or treat yourself to a delicious meal.

The Yarrow was built in 1894 and is a beautiful piece of English architecture with an interesting history. It was designed by Sir Alfred Yarrow as a convalescent home for children- a place for children to live whilst recovering from illness. Broadstairs was considered one of the healthiest places in the country for children to get better by ‘taking in some sea air’*. The Yarrow was also used for the same reason for injured soldiers during both world wars.

Come to the seaside!

We think Broadstairs is still one of the most relaxing, healthiest places in the country. Especially to allow your mind to focus on learning English!

We love the community-centred, nurturing history of the Yarrow and are proud to continue with that ‘vibe’*. LanguageUK is relaxed and friendly- a place to make new friends, take part in an array of activities and enjoy the amazing scenery.  



Where better to be as the seasons change than wandering along the Kent clifftops or sitting in a cosy cafe, chatting (in English!) to new friends?  


Word Bank 

  • to up sticks– idiom- to move your current residence 
  • to take in some sea air– to breathe the fresh air at the seaside, commonly deemed good for your health
  •  vibe– noun (informal)- the mood or character of a place, situation or piece of music


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