A language course in the UK

What is it like to take a course at a Language school in the UK?

What is it like to take a course
at a Language school in the UK?

This week we had fourteen new arrivals at LanguageUK. It was our busiest Monday of this year
– but we are a small school. Even so, students were here for general, exam, teacher-
development, business and children’s courses.

An Ecuadorian family of six (including an adult niece of 19), a German student and his son
of 12, a businessman from Spain, four Dutch teachers and a mature student from Spain
starting an eight-week Cambridge Advanced exam course. With the current students from
Belgium, the Czech Republic, Kuwait, Qatar, Russia, Spain, Sudan and Ukraine, it made a good
international group.

The adults had all taken a level test, so we knew which class to put them in. For the
existing students, Monday is a day where they get a chance to meet new students and practise
their questions. The grammar of this is not easy, and you have to know the difference
between ‘How long are you here for?’ and ‘How long have you been here for?’ if you want the
right information.

New students suddenly have to meet new new people, in a foreign language and in a classroom
environment, perhaps for the first time in years. This week the mix of nationalities and
personalities made for interesting and lively classes. Even the most experienced teacher is
relieved when the students get on well (and our four teachers have over 100 years of

Our children’s courses take place away from the school, in tutors’ own homes in little
groups. With only four children here, we had a decision to make as to whether to put the two
sisters with the German lad. There was the level and the age to consider. We were prepared
to organise separate classes for him, but it turned out that their personalities would be
agreeable, so we put them together. For the youngest girl (4), we had our child-minder, who
immediately sent a picture of the little girl with her new English friends to re-assure Mum.

Was the week a success? Well, here are some comments by the students who could only be here
for a week:


‘good mixture of practical and theoretical parts…Sam was a very good teacher and had
always good ideas to enrich the lessons…’

‘…Sam and Tony were super and very helpful when we had questions…’

‘..we had a very good teacher. The group was small. That was very good…You got many

‘We got good feedback in speaking and writing…we got really helpful ideas to use in our


five of the seven evaluations rated the accommodation ‘very comfortable’; the other two, ‘okay’.


‘only one activity (pub)…excellent because we had very high level intensive discussions with Noel…’

‘the cream tea’ !

‘Really nice how friendly the teachers accompanied us during the activities…’

‘…the opportunities to speak with other students in a relax situation as during lunch…’


‘…it was also a good experience to meet so many interesting people from different
countries and cultures’

‘ I appreciate the way the courses were running. Good atmosphere. Friendly relations

‘I would recommend LanguageUK to my colleagues’

It was an unforgettable week….I felt safe. Because the teachers encouraged you it wasn’t
a problem to make mistakes’

We also need to thank the students. They were sociable, relaxed, open to the world and agreeable. If the teaching and the administration are fine, it’s the students who make the difference between a good language course in the UK and a great one.

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