• Theatre trips
    At the Theatre Royal
  • Rent a Bike
    Biking around Broadstairs
  • Leeds Castle
    Visit historical sites
  • Sports
    Tennis at the park
  • Sports
    Volleyball on the beach in the summer
  • Food!
    Parties at the school
  • Beautiful Beaches
    An evening walk
  • Countryside
    Kent known as "The Garden of England"
  • Local Events
    Fireworks on the beach
  • Pub Nights
    A Night out in a local micro pub!
  • London
    Regular day trips

Social Activities

Learn English and socialize  in Broadstairs, Kent

The social programme is a key element in the student experience at LanguageUK because language and culture are so closely connected. An enjoyable stay in Broadstairs is the result of a successful language course and a carefully planned events calendar in which everyone can take part.

LanguageUK offers a diverse social programme to encourage you to learn English outside the classroom. We encourage you to take part in a number of social events and also join clubs where you can meet local people. We are happy to arrange tailor-made trips for you to enjoy either on your own or with others.

Students will be informed each Monday of events and trips available during the week. Dates, prices and times of activities vary according to the number of students wishing to attend, the time of year and what’s happening in the area.

At LanguageUK we run a weekly social programme which usually comprises of some evening events and a Saturday day trip. Some activities are free whilst others do incur a small fee from £5.00 for a cinema trip to £35.00 for a day trip including transport and guide.  Some examples of activities and trips are as follows:
  • Day trips to London, Canterbury, Oxford, Cambridge, and Dover Castle and so on…£15.00 to £35.00
  • Film nights either at the school or at the local film society- free or up to £6.00
  • Restaurant or pub evenings- approximately £5.00 to £15.00
  • “Cook ins” at the school – £5.00 plus
  • Theatre nights in the local theatres- £10.00 to £20.00
  • Visits to galleries- usually free but sometimes a small fee


Social Activities include: