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Learn English by the Sea

A blog post at C1 level  Our New Home At the beginning of September we 'upped sticks'* from Queens Road to the fabulous East Kent College. Still in  central Broadstairs, we are enjoying being part of a busy college campus. And we're sure you will too!   [caption id="attachment_59168" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Our...

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Brexit and study in the UK

Dear students,  ex-students, agents and prospective customers, Some of our agents have been worried that the 'Brexit' process, the UK leaving the EU, means that they are not welcome in the UK any more. There is absolutely no need to worry. And in fact Brexit carries one...

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English Grades Scale

How do I find my English level?

Increasingly, your employer wants to know that your English is good enough for your job. That means understanding what you hear and read, and being able to make people understand what you say and write. That is the reason why more and more people are asking...

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English course in the UK?

If you are dreaming about taking an English course in the UK this year, here are some factors to consider: TIME How much time do you have? To learn anything, you need to devote time to it. Taking a few weeks away from your normal routines in...

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Celebrity in Broadstairs It was in late November 2014 that celebrity last came to Broadstairs. On my way to school one morning I noticed that the high street had been closed off. It had also been cleared of cars, and a few old classic vehicles were...

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