Terms and Conditions for Groups

1. Groups
• The minimum age for students at LanguageUK as part of a group is 12 years old.
• All students as part of a group and staying in a homestay as part of a group must have door-to-door transfer from the airport included in their package.
• Students aged 12 & 13 will not be placed with students aged 16 or over.
• Groups with over 50 students will have to pay a supplement to cover the cost of an extra coach for arrival, departure and excursions.
• LanguageUK must be able to account for the students’ whereabouts at all times. LanguageUK should be notified if groups intend to organise their own activities.
• Group leaders travelling with and responsible for the group must provide police certificates of suitability to work with minors.
• Home addresses and full travel details must be obtained before arrival at LanguageUK.
• Contact numbers for parents and leaders must be obtained before arrival at LanguageUK.
2. Group Leaders
All group leaders must be a fit and proper person to be allowed unrestricted access to junior students. The group leaders and agent representatives are responsible for the safety and well-being of the students during any activities arranged by themselves and not part of the languageUK programme.
• Leaders must accompany students on all organized excursions and assist LanguageUK staff where appropriate.
• Student discipline is the responsibility of the group leader at all times.
• The agency must ensure that all group leaders accept and adhere to LanguageUK guidelines.
3. Welfare
Please note a consent form and medical form should be completed by each group via the agency and returned to LanguageUK Head of Juniors in either hard format or online.
Parental consent
The agency will obtain a signature from the parent/guardian of each junior student authorising their attendance on the course. By signing up for the course the parents/guardians are automatically granting permission for the student to attend all activities organised by the school, as stated in the itinerary.
Information required
The agency must provide the group leaders and representatives with contact details for each student’s next of kin. This must include temporary contact details if they will be away during the course. This information will be made available to LanguageUK when necessary.
Medical information
The agency will request and pass on any relevant information such as allergies, dietary requirements and any current medical conditions or currently prescribed medicine. There are supplementary fees for special diets, halal, vegan, gluten free, lactose intolerant of £20 per student per week.
The agency will obtain a signature from the parents/guardians to allow the school to act “in loco Parentis” when having to administer prescribed medication or when dealing with a medical emergency.
Any student who has an infectious disease in the three weeks prior to the course start date will not be accepted on the course.
LanguageUK takes no responsibility for medical emergencies arising from non-disclosure of current medical information.
4. Pre-course information
LanguageUK will provide the agency with information such as contact details and social programme. The agency will ensure this is passed onto the students.
5. Rules and regulations
By attending the course the students and their representatives agree to abide by local laws and by the regulations of the school. In an event of serious miss-conduct the parent maybe required to withdraw the student. Any student may be suspended or expelled without refund in case of serious misconduct. Any damages committed by a student must be paid for by that student in full.
Consumption of alcohol is not permitted on-site by students of any age. Drug-taking or possession of drugs will result in dismissal, with no refund of fees. Bullying will not be tolerated. Fire escapes are for emergency use only.
6. Junior Visa Application
Notice to agents: it is your responsibility to ensure that you or the school apply for the correct type of visa to allow students to study at LanguageUK for the duration of their course. You must make sure that all details on the documents are correct before you apply for a child’s visa. LanguageUK cannot be held liable for any errors that occur during the visa application process. Please contact your local embassy for advice on obtaining the correct visa.
7. LanguageUK Liability, Client Liability & Insurance.
LanguageUK accepts and is fully insured for all liability arising out of loss, damage, injury, sickness etc caused by LanguageUK employees of their negligence. However:
• In the case of lost or stolen property, whether taking place inside or outside premises hired by LanguageUK, LanguageUK is only liable if such property has been entrusted to a responsible LanguageUK member of staff.
• LanguageUK can accept no responsibility for loss or damages caused by “force Majeur” events such as strikes, riots, terrorism, war, fire, flood, weather problems, problems to transport or similar events beyond its control.
8. Payment terms:
A) An initial, non-refundable but transferable deposit of 10% of the fees for the expected number of students allocated in this contract is required.
B) A further invoice will be issued based on the projected final numbers 4 weeks before the arrival of the group. This invoice will include extra leader fees, diet fees, late arrival fees and any other service booked by the group. Full payment must be made 7 days in advance of arrival.
C) No group will be accepted on any course under any circumstances until FULL payment has been made.
D) In cases where any customers are immediately arriving on or already following an LanguageUK programme, and there are any overdue invoices relating to them or their agents, langauageUk may at its discretion and without notice refuse or discontinue services to those customers.
9. Payment Methods
A) Bank transfer in sterling
Company: LanguageUK Limited
Sort code: 52-10-19
Account No: 10551549
Bank: NatWest Bank PLC
IBAN: GB60NWBK52101910551549
B) All bank charges must be paid by the agents. Please help us by quoting the group name and invoice number reference on all correspondence.
10. Deposit and cancellation charges
Once a course has been confirmed the initial deposit in non-refundable but may be offset against any new booking for the same group.
i) The agreed group deposit, paid in advance as stated in the terms above, will be considered as a sum on account of the final invoice.
ii) An instalment payment, however, is considered a part-payment of the final balance due which will be adjusted to represent the actual number of places taken up less any cancellation charges.
Cancellation charges:
a) More than 21 days prior to arrival for the start of the course a cancellation charge equivalent to 10% of the course package per student will be made. This equates to eh loss of the deposit made.
b) Between 21 days and 7 days prior to arrival for the start of the course, a cancellation charge equivalent to 30% of the course package per student will be made.
c) Less than 7 days and up to 3 days prior to arrival for the start of the course, a cancellation charge of 60% of the course package per student will be made.
d) Less than 3 days before the start of the course, a cancellation of 100% of the course package per student will be made.
e) Please note the course package does include accommodation.
Cancellations must be made in writing via email
Agents should ensure that they arrange full insurance cover for these cancellation conditions.
LanguageUK reserve the right to cancel a course due to circumstances beyond our control, and we will try to offer an alternative programme if this should happen. These unlikely circumstances include building damage, flooding and closure.
11. Refunds
Courses will not be refunded once it has started.
Change of price, or dates
Prices as invoiced represent a contract of booking and will not be altered by LanguageUK under any circumstances.
Any groups arriving on dates other than those agreed upon may not always receive the full package of lessons, activities and meals
12. LanguageUK client commitment.
This agreement sets out the terms under which both parties will work together to promote, recruit for, and deliver English Language Courses in the United Kingdom. Both partied recognise that the primary objective of their co-operation is student satisfaction, and that effective representation requires close collaboration based on the highest professional standard. LanguageUk hereby undertake:
• To supply relevant promotional materials as agreed.
• To accept all bookings from the agent, as long as places are available.
• To send written confirmation of the booking.
• To deliver all aspects of the accommodation, tuition and social activities as agreed and specified.
• To make every effort to ensure that students derive maximum benefit from their stay.
• To make every effort to protect and promote the good name and professional reputation of the Agent.
• To provide correct invoices to the Agent on time.
13. Complaints
In the event that a customer wish to complain about any aspect of the service provided by LanguageUK the complaint should be made in the first instance to the Head of Juniors. In the event that the matter is not resolved the customer or agent should make a complaint in writing to the director of the school. Such complaints are investigated in full by LanguageUK and are always taken seriously and replied to in detail.
If you are still not satisfied with the resolve to your problem by our members of staff, you may also contact: The Chief Executive English UK 219 St John Street London EC1V 4LY Tel: +44 (0) 207 608 7960 Fax: +44 (0) 207 608 7961 Email: enquiries@englishuk.com Web: www.englishuk.com
December 2016
Review Date: December 2017