Junior and School Groups

Experience life in a British school. Courses are written and designed to the needs of your students
We would like to encourage your students to make progress in their English language skills through building a thorough understanding of the performing arts; developing technique, confidence, imagination, teamwork and individual expression along the way

A very practical course full of useful projects that can be used in the “real world” in the future. Your students will experience an up-to- date approach on using English in the work place including a visit to a company.
A wonderful course for creative minds! We encourage your students to engage with literature in an interactive and practical way. Your students will gain knowledge from the text but will be expected to participate in practical tasks that will lead to a further understanding.

Our schools workshops and educational weeks are for schools who would like LanguageUK to come and visit them. We can speak with the tutor and prepare a tailored programme of workshops or educational seminars.