Accommodation FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about Accommodation


What will my Homestay be like?

LanguageUK has great accommodation options, something for everybody and to suit all tastes.Every household is different, but LanguageUK work hard to ensure all students are placed with host families where there is a good opportunity to practise English and experience the British way of life. When you book, we ask what your preferences are so if you happen to be allergic to pets, for example, we will definitely not put you in a home with these.

The host family may comprise a single person or a couple. There may be children living in the family home. In the evening you can either spend time with the family (maybe watching television, eating or talking), or you can meet friends or study in your room. There may be other students living in the same home, although LanguageUK prefers not to put students of the same nationality or language together

As far as possible, we try to match your interests and profile with those of your host family and we pride ourselves on our success in this respect.

What will the food be like?

Your host will provide breakfast and dinner for the week. Meals will be wholesome, varied and constitute a balanced diet. You will need to provide your own lunch and snacks.

If you have special dietary requirements, please indicate this on your Booking Form so LanguageUK  can notify prospective hosts.

How will I travel to and from school each day?

You will be given directions by your host family who may bring you to the school and, in some cases, collect you on the first day if necessary. In general, you will find that the return journey is quite simple, whether it be on foot or by bus.

Will Internet be provided for?

LanguageUK require all hosts to provide WiFi.

How far will my accommodation be from LanguageUK?

All homestay accommodation is within 25 minutes walk from the school, however in the summer months some of our accommodation can be a small bus ride away.

What are my responsibilities to the Homestay provider?

When you stay with a host family, you will be treated as part of the family and expected to take an active part in home life. It is the norm in UK families for all household members to look after the home. It is not common to have domestic help from a maid or cleaner. Although you will not be required to do any major cleaning, there are some tasks you will be responsible for:

  • Tidying your bedroom so it can be cleaned.
  • Arranging your laundry ready for washing, or washing it yourself if you prefer. Drying and ironing your laundry.
  • Cleaning the bathroom after you have used it.
  • Tidying away any belongings you have left around the house.
  • Clearing away any food or snacks that you prepare.

From time to time your host might ask you to take part in other domestic tasks, and this should be viewed as an opportunity to experience everyday life in the UK.

Do I need to be aware of any house rules?

As a guest in the host family’s home, you should be respectful of their rules and routines. It is recommended that you ask for details on any family curfews, whether hosts prefer to be notified when your friends visit and the host’s smoking policy if applicable. If you expect to return home later than normal or if there is any change to your routine, always inform your host. Let your host know if you expect to be away for a night or weekend.
Do exchange mobile phone numbers with your host on arrival so that you can contact each other when necessary.

What happens at the weekend?

Many students spend time  visiting friends, going shopping or sightseeing. Of course, LanguageUK often arranges social activities such as sightseeing, beach games, boat rides and nature walks so you will always have something of interest to do and the opportunity to continue improving your English language skills.

Can I contact the homestay host before arrival?

Yes, we recommend it. When you are allocated to a host family, you will be given some basic background information for them and their contact details. It is a good idea to write or email them before you arrive to introduce yourself. This is an opportunity to get to know your Homestay a little in advance – you could tell them where you are from, what hobbies or activities you like to do, and what you are looking forward to about staying in Broadstairs.

Can I change my accommodation?

The Student Services Manager is responsible for the security, health, safety and welfare of all students. They will be your main point of contact to assist with any issues or queries you have, whether relating to the Homestay or any other aspect of adjusting to life in the United Kingdom. You can contact them by telephone or email, or meet them in person at LanguageUK.

We also provide all students with an out-of-hours number for any emergencies. Those way students can be assured of having the support of an experienced member of the LanguageUK team at all times, in any emergency situation.