Methodological resources were really helpful as well as the teaching approaches suggested by the teacher. At LanguageUK you are made to feel welcome before starting the course. Lovely staff. Noel is a great teacher. He creates a fantastic learning environment, making students feel very comfortable and enthusiastic about the lessons. The lessons are dynamic and interesting.  Thank you.  It's been a great time!
Eva Rivera - CLIL April 2017
To sum up my experience in Broadstairs I want to say the I felt warmly welcomed in the school and in my accommodation. I enjoyed being taught by the competent and friendly team of teachers at LanguageUK.  Most of all I appreciated the small size of the school ...
Lena Wind FCE Preparation March 2017
  My experience with LanguageUK has been formidable.  Personally, I feel my English has been improved significantly, especially my pronunciation.  The most important characteristic of the school is the quality of the teachers' team: highly professional, experienced in teaching, motivating and always ready to help and advise the students.  I strongly recommend LanguageUK as your institute to learn and improve your English.
Policarpo Mendez   FCE preparation March 2017
I liked a lot the TED talks, small videos (about 10-15 minutes) where people discuss topics like peace and war or happiness.
Francesco, Italy - B2 level course, July 2016
There was variety in the lessons. They explained very clearly and we learned a lot of new words nad sayings. We got good feedback in speaking and writing.
Gerdine, Holland - B2 and teacher development, April 2016
I would recommend LanguageUK to my colleagues; all the activities were useful and all the staff were very friendly. Thanks a lot.
Iñigo, Spain - B2 class, April 2016
I appreciate the way courses were run; good atmosphere; friendly relations together.
Christian, France - B2 course, April 2016
The materials given by our trainer are very useful for us, they are adapted to our project.
Isabel Alemany, Spain-CLIL teacher development course, March 2016
My training has improved my English, and will also help me to feel more comfortable when planning my practice at school.
Gloria Rincon, Spain-CLIL teacher-development course, March 2016
I also enjoyed the controversial discussions with Amanda, Conchi and Huang Jin. I really appreciate the tolerance in the different discussions that I took part in.
Abdellatif, Germany - B2 class, January 2016
I have been having a really nice time in Broadstairs and with LanguageUK. The school is cosy, with small classes. Teachers are good and sociable... I recommend LanguageUK to anybody who wants to improve their English skills no matter what your level.
Birgit, Denmark - private classes, November 2015
The atmosphere is joyful and teachers are friendly, talented and helpful. The lessons are well-organised, interesting and diversified. Hope to be back again.
Jessica, Italy - private classes, November 2015
It's time to say thank you for everything, for the excellent lessons, for the amazing social activities, for having found a lovely child-minder for Beatriz and why not for your friendship.
Giuliano, Brazil - B2 classes, October 2015
This four weeks in LanguageUK was a great life experience. For the first time to feel pleasure in studying English. I thank my teachers Joanna and Noel for the great classes. The atmosphere of the school and Lorraine's house were great.
Veronica, Brazil - A1 private classes, October 2015
Good experience, no bad moments to remember. Teachers I met in the school have been very nice and the host family couldn't be better.
Minerva Martin, Spain - C1 and private classes, 4 Sept 2015
The students are not only having classes together but also spending their free after-school time in this group. You can improve your language, get to know one of the most beautiful parts of England and make friends with a lot of people from different countries.
Karolina, Poland - C1 class, 4 Sept 2015
I find discussion, listening and reading very helpful but the most important part of the lessons was when teachers correct mistakes I made. This was very useful because I remember a lot of them.
Agnieszka, Poland - C1 class, 4 Sept 2015
I love the good feeling that I perceived with teachers and different students. Great staff. Lovely experience.
Valerio Cianci, Italy - B2 and private classes, 4 Sept 2015
LanguageUK is a small school where you can receive classes in reduced groups. Also is very convenient for families with children because they can improve their English skills at the same time they are playing with other children. ...Broadstairs [is] a small and lovely village where many activities can be done during your stay.
Ángel Carréro, Spain - B2 class and family course
[What did you enjoy most? I really enjoyed every trip with the school like London, Leeds Castle and Dreamland. And of course the volleyball.
Yousef Mahna, Saudi Arabia - B2 class, 28 August 2015
One of the beautiful schools where I studied.  The teachers were very, very helpful and kind. The crew of LanguageUK school made me feel happy and feel I'm in my family. Thanks for everything.
Ahmed Al-Saadi, Oman - B1 class, 28 August 2015
This is my third visit to this school. This school is like a big family. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I had private lessons and this was great. I learned a lot in the last four weeks. In addition to the lessons the school organised fantastic activities, for example excursion to Leeds Castle. Thank you!
Lilli, Germany - private classes, 28 August 2015
I was glad to study in this school, to meet so many friendly and kindly people. The atmosphere at school was really joyful. The teachers are very good and talented, and every evening a student knows what to do. It was excellent experience to speak English and know English culture.
Hanna Stashkevic, Belarus - B2 class, 28 August 2015
I'm 57 years old and always I have psychological problems with speaking in English. During my stay in LanguageUK I stopped being afraid to speak in English. it was very good experience for me. Lessons were very interesting, not boring, and activating. Good methods for people like me.
Halina Poweska, Poland - B1 class, 21 August 2015
[During your lessons, what did you find particularly relevant and helpful?] The high level of the teachers and their true interest in their students.
Martin Lopez, Spain - C1 class and Advanced (CAE), 21 August 2015
I had already been to other language schools and LanguageUK has nothing to do with them. First, the staff is very gracious and their lessons are very good. Second, the school has lot of facilities and the classes are well-equipped. Finally, I love the garden that you can enjoy if it is warm and sunny.
Maria Alvaro - C1 class, 21 August 2015
Traveling for another country can be frightening mostly because none if the people you meet speak the same language as you do. In your school you made all that fear go away. You treat everyone as an individual and that certainty is a big help to help us reach our goal.
Rita Gaspar, Portugal - C1 class, 21 August 2015
The teacher tried to give me answer to all my questions. If she detected that I needed to refresh something of grammar, the next class she gave me materials about it.
Antonia González, Spain - private class and family course, August 14, 2015
We have been very well all the family. It's a great experience to study at LanguageUK. I hope that in future we can repeat it!
Sergi Canton, Spain - B1class and family course, August 14, 2015
The teachers' explanations and enthusiasm thay have during the lessons. They've made me feel happy about learning English (even when we faced Writing Task 1 of the IELTS).
Francesco Schapira, Italy - B2 class and IELTS, August 14, 2015
I think it has been a very positive experience. I had never been in an English language school before. In only two weeks my speaking skills in English have really improved.
Jordi Clotet, Spain - B2 class, August 14, 2015
Thank you very much, this school is making a great job in the classrooms and in extra school time, very well done.
Giovanni Adami, Italy- B1 class, August 14, 2015
I want to thank the school administration and teachers for their efforts. Hope back again. Thank you.
Ahmad Hassan Al-Khayat, Qatar - A2 class, August 14, 2015
I really enjoyed my stay. I got to improve my English plus meet new friends. It was like a big family and everyone there was super nice and friendly. I can't stop saying good things about the school.
Saed Saif Al-Naemi, Qatar - B2 class, August 14, 2015
These two weeks in Broadstairs have been lovely for me. I have enjoyed the town, Amanda's house, the school. I have learnt a lot and I have done it "ENJOYING". But what is definitely "remarkable" is the outstanding "LanguageUK team".
Manel Taboada, Spain - B2 level class, August 14, 2015
I’ve been here twice… and there’ll be a third time next year, I hope. This is the most unique English school I’ve been. Teachers are very friendly and wonderful students are too. We had a lot of fun both in the class sections and in the social activities. LanguageUK is a recommendable solution to learn English professionally and friendly.
Tiziana, Italy – B2 level class and family course for children, June 19, 2015
I’ve had a wonderful experience at this school. The staff is very kind, teachers are really professional and you can tell they have a lot of experience obviously. I love the positive attitude of everyone and the fact that you feel really comfortable. During the lessons and the breaks you have the possibility to interact with other students from all over the world. I would definitely recommend this language school and I hope to come back next year. Thank you! PS My host family is wonderful!!! Best people ever! :) I don’t want to leave…
Carlotta, Italy – B2 level class and private lessons, June 19, 2015
LanguageUK school is a very friendly place for preparing for IELTS. Teachers know what examiners expect from candidates, so learning here is very helpful. (We learned that Szymon scored 6.5. He did the test in the UK before his return to Poland)
Szymon, Poland – B2 level class and IELTS, June 26 , 2015
I enjoyed most going out during the week, but especially the evenings spent together in pubs or school.
Maria-Adele, Italy – B1 class and Work Experience, 26 June, 2015
The school is very nice, with comfortable classrooms, a useful kitchen, and a lovely garden. The staff of the school is very nice and polite, I really enjoyed myself during this two weeks. I think that the lessons really helped me to improve my Englishm and also the social activities were useful to improve my speaking and to have fun at the same time. An amazing experience.
Irene, Italy – B2 class and Work Experience, 26 June, 2015