• Students from all over the world
    We try at all times to have a good balance of students from all over the world
  • Get together outside the class
    Students from France, Italy and Switzerland
  • Make friends from all over the world
    Students from Turkey, Spain and Portugal
  • An International Experience
    Students from Saudi Arabia, Russia, Czech Republic, Spain, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Germany, Italy & more...!

Our Students

At LanguageUK we try not to accept too many students from the same country or language-speaking community at the same time.  We encourage  our students to speak English at ALL times during the day at the school.  Because we are such a small school, we are able to make sure that students avoid speaking their own language during the classes and the breaks.

We accept students from all over the world and each student is treated as an individual. We do not discriminate on the grounds of colour, religion, age, educational background or country.

Any student coming to LanguageUK will be made to feel at home on the first day and will be encouraged by the staff to make friends with other students during their first week.

We believe it is important that a student feels comfortable and relaxed as this promotes a good learning environment.

A new student will get to know all the staff within the first week of their stay.  Our staff have a genuine interest in the students who come here and will always find the time to speak with the students both inside and outside the classroom.